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Tbilisi's rave scene

A little guide on how to rave in Tbilisi, hometown for one third of Unrhythmic.

Bassiani, Khidi, Mtkvarze, Cafe Gallery are unparalleled choices to lose yourself in the bath of smoke and great music

Thriving subcultural developments after the post-soviet hardships are carving out Tbilisi's distinct spot on the cultural landscape. Diving into the night politics is a rather compelling journey that reveals modern conflicts and the troubled history. Developments of Tbilisi's underground music scene reminds us of Berlin in the 90's. Hence, Clubs are not merely places to have fun but rather they have deeper political and social significance.

Today's clubs in Tbilisi takes stand for tolerance, progressiveness, freedom and open-mindedness. It is less than a decade that Tbilisi has slowly become a hotbed for underground dance music. Although, even in the dark 90's when there was no gas, heating, electricity or security, clubbing was still a thing. It was in the mid-2000s, when underground electronic music had some real momentum and young generation of Georgia expressly started making a definitive break from the soviet past and its legacy.

Clubs like Bassiani, Khidi, Mtkvarze, Cafe Gallery, to name a few, are unparalleled choices to lose yourself in the bath of smoke and great music, whether you are looking for a heaving rave or a cozy after-hour. Lineups can be extremely impressive featuring both homegrown talents and major international Djs.

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